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Perma-Liner Industries, Inc. is the leading provider of drain lateral lining and main line sectional point repair products in the world.


Perma-Liner™ Industries, Inc. was established in 1998 to provide plumbers, contractors and municipalities Cured-In-Place-Pipe (CIPP) systems.  Our interests are aimed specifically at the municipal / residential / commercial market and are supported by a range of updated and newly developed "trenchless" repairing techniques.


Today Perma-Liner™ Industries, Inc. offers a range of "trenchless" repair techniques from 2" to 102" pipe diameters. A careful blend of established practices and new technology allows Perma-Liner™ Industries, Inc. to exercise a unique degree of versatility and competitiveness.


Our Perma-Liner™ distribution and installer base is now available in nine different countries on four continents.


Perma-Liner™ Industries, Inc. remains at the forefront of the lateral and sectional point repair rehabilitation markets for sanitary and storm sewer applications. Every Perma-Liner™ Industries, Inc. installer is trained and certified to provide and install Perma-Liner™ products as specified.


Each Perma-Liner™ distributor and installer is committed to providing superior service to their clients.


Innovative Systems, Quality Assured Materials, Extensive Training Programs, and Unmatched Support is Perma-Liner™ Industries, Inc.

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