Digital Universal Camera (DUC)


The CUES Digital Universal Camera (DUC) is a semi-autonomous, high resolution digital CCTV side scanning camera designed for rapid and detailed condition assessment of your wastewater system. When used in conjunction with CUES asset-based Granite XP decision support software, you can inspect and assess 5000 feet or more per day, increasing your revenue, while reducing your expenses. The system can be packaged for off-road applications to minimize the costs of traffic control.


The CUES Digital Universal Camera system produces a continuous hemispherical scan of the internal pipe conditions in 6-60” pipe. The Digital Universal Camera operates at a constant speed in 6”-60” pipe without the need to stop or pan and tilt. Simply drive the unit on cruise control to the remote manhole or through multiple manholes for maximum efficiency. Reduce your labor costs while tripling or quadrupling the productivity of your existing workforce!


OZIII & Nite Lite III Pan & Tilt Optical Zoom Cameras


The OZIII optical zoom pan-and-tilt camera system offers built-in directional field replaceable lighting for 6” to 72” pipe to produce the highest quality image to enhance the details of your CCTV inspection. The OZIII camera provides up to 40:1 optical/digital zoom, automatic focus, remote focus and iris control to assure the best quality video within varying pipe conditions. The robust design of the OZIII camera includes protective forks for the camera head to protect it during insertion and retrieval and to shield it from roots and other obstructions in the pipe. Get the finest detailed video inspections with the CUES OZ III (Optical Zoom) Camera!




CUES-IMX Truck-mounted Pan-and-Tilt Optical Zoom Camera


CUES has partnered with InfraMetrix to develop the CUES-IMX truck-mounted camera! Collection system owners and operators can now reduce system operation / management costs and quickly identify high-risk areas of the wastewater / stormwater system. Make the best use of your time and money by using the CUES-IMX camera to locate these critical sewer maintenance and repair requirements. The camera offers unparalleled imaging technology with a 25:1 optical zoom that is stabilized and remotely controlled via a telescopic boom to produce picture clarity with enhanced detail up to 300 ft! The zooming capabilities provide the greatest protection against sewer backups and overflows, reduces collection system operation and maintenance costs, and increases performance!

PROSCOUT Mini Mainline Cameras


The CUES ProScout II, III, and self-upright cameras can be utilized in various system configurations (refer to the Mini-camera Matrix). Designed to be compact in size, the mini-cameras can be inserted through clean outs as small as 2” in diameter. The camera and configuration you select depends on pipeline size, construction, conditions and the equipment available with your system. Propulsion choices include pushing, pulling, transporters and crawlers. The mini-cameras versatility and reliability have firmly established it as the "Industry Standard" for portable pipe inspection systems.

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Camera Transporters

CUES provides multiple camera transporter models to accommodate varying pipe diameters and conditions found in sanitary and storm sewers, relined reduced diameter pipe, dam out falls, leach lines, potable water lines, and industrial process lines. Combining the elements of traction physics, weight distribution, and rugged mechanical design, CUES camera transporters will traverse pipe conditions where most other units will fail.

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